Luzon wonderland

They are said to be the 8th world wonder: the rice terraces of Batad. No question I had to go and see this beauty / compare to the other world class rice fields I visited in Bali and Flores, Indonesia. I looked up the north bound bus terminal in Manila and we actually made it […]

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Stop-over in Manila

I only took two photos in Manila. One of the sunrise at 5 am through the uber window when we arrived and the other one 24 hours later at the bus terminal that was supposed to send us to the other end of Luzon. All the snapshots, recordings and impressions in between are captured and […]

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Crush on Singapore

I am still speechless. Singapore is superlatives over and over. Gorgeous to a point that you question if this is real. Singapore is perfection. After a six hours bus drive from KL we finally reached the lion city at late evening. It took forever to go through immigration and there was this Chinese couple in […]

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Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Now this was a great surprise. As I already advertised in the last post, this museum was one of the best ones I was ever able to visit. I am honestly so excited about it. I am personally very keen of islamic art – as you maybe remember from my love letters to the mosques […]

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Out and about in Kuala Lumpur

Whenever people ask me about Kuala Lumpur, I cannot help but laugh. I actually had the best time in KL! Not because the city is that extraordinary, but because of a very special couch surfing host, a bar that happened to have ladies night every night and a big dose of easiness. Despite its size […]

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Visual Arts Gallery, KL

Balai seni visual negara or the Visual Arts Gallery is Kuala Lumpur’s, ergo Malaysia’s, most important contemporary art gallery. Therefor a lot of people call it national gallery. I went there with out expectations. What I found was an extraordinary piece of architecture à la Guggenheim NYC in the inside. It appeared to me that […]

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Tea as far as the eye can see

“Let’s escape the heat and humidity and go up to Cameron Highlands”, we thought and did not regret. Only the bus ride up there was incredibly beautiful. There were huge chasms filled with green forests, exactly how I got to know and love Malaysia. The small town of Tanah Rata was of course not really […]

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Georgetown, Penang

Here we are, at my favorite place of Malaysia! I’m in love with the colors, temples, street food and of course the artsy places. This city unites all religions basically, every second building is a church/mosque/temple. We ate until we fell from our chair in little India or had a late night chicken satay on […]

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Langkawi Laziness

Arrived on the other end of the country it was time for sun, beach, coconuts and cocktails. Langkawi was the first stop of our trip and I’m glad it was. Once I met my travel buddy at Kuala Lumpur train station we took the night train up north, going to Thailand. Unfortunately this ride was […]

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