Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Now this was a great surprise. As I already advertised in the last post, this museum was one of the best ones I was ever able to visit. I am honestly so excited about it. I am personally very keen of islamic art – as you maybe remember from my love letters to the mosques […]

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Visual Arts Gallery, KL

Balai seni visual negara or the Visual Arts Gallery is Kuala Lumpur’s, ergo Malaysia’s, most important contemporary art gallery. Therefor a lot of people call it national gallery. I went there with out expectations. What I found was an extraordinary piece of architecture à la Guggenheim NYC in the inside. It appeared to me that […]

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To put it in YSL’s words: fashions fade – style is eternal. Trends are dependent on zeitgeist and hugely fugitive. Allure appears only briefly in an immaterial combination of elegance, gracefulness and movement. It is intangible, indescribable and unattainable, yet it is the timeless essence that radiates from deep within. It lies somewhere in between […]

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error: X is the motto of this year’s Ostrale, an annual exhibition of international modern art in my hometown Dresden. Since this is a rare thing in Eastern Germany, I think somebody called the Ostrale the “Documenta of the East”, I got into the habit of going every year. They show recognized as well as […]

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