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Petra the world wonder

This is what people come to Jordan for: Petra, the ancient city of rock, one of the wonders of this world. It was my first world wonder which is why I came with quite some prejudices. But then again why not go, since I’m already here? – and I was delighted. For the first time at the cashier, because a ticket for foreigners is 70€! But after I digested this little shock, I was able to enjoy this incredible place. There are barely words for the excitement and joy bubbling in my stomach when walking the narrow Siq in between the rocks, expecting the well-known Treasury behind every corner. The much better surprise though was the vastness of the whole area. Petra is much more than the sights we all know from Instagram. There is so much to explore, dozens of trails to wander and views to enjoy. Luckily there were not too many visitors that day even though the weather was perfect. People were very nice and funny, not pushy at all. I had such a good time bonding with all those donkeys and camels. Even though I felt very bad for them as they were obviously treated badly.

girl running souk
Unimaginable though, how this used to be a proper city.
white donkey baby mother
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couchsurfing jordan petra
Our family in Petra: Musa and Ahmad + the puppy whose name I forgot

We couchsurfed in a camp in Wadi Musa with a bunch of very adorable people. Admittedly we must have made a weird first impression when we suddenly arrived at their “front door” after our trip. I was so done, I even had to lie down on their sofa for half an hour before I was able to move my dirty self into the shower. It was wonderful and after we looked almost human again, we were ready for conversation. The next two days were so much fun, we learned how to make traditional Mansaf, we danced Dabke, drank lots of tea with lots of sugar and smoked too much shisha. And we went on the bumpiest road trip with the biggest SUV I’ve ever seen. We talked everything from wedding traditions to religion to camel business. On our last night there was even a singing battle. Thank you guys so much, hope to see you again 🙂

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bedouin people in petra
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