Impressions from Freiburg im Breisgau

Say hi to Germany’s hottest city: Freiburg. Well, maybe not action-wise – that would still be Berlin obviously, but they do have the best weather throughout the year. And this is the cause of another good reason to pay this adorable city a visit: their wine.


Half-timber houses, small alleys and some of the best food. In the end Freiburg is not much but a likely university town with medieval charm. Pretty similar to Tübingen, I believe. “Old” cities like this tend to evolve into drowsy places, where young people take the first opportunity to leave. Freiburg being a university city, one of the most renowned actually, gives the city the exact amount of energy and lust for life, the century old alleyways need.


The main transportation are bicycles, just as much as car I reckon, at least in the city center. And they’re also at the same speed, watch out! Freiburg is one of the countries greenest cities, I think I read they produce as much solar energy as the whole of Britain – even though that’s not hard…


Its location couldn’t be any better, as Freiburg is situated right on the foot of Black Forest, although I’ve never been. It’s on the list!

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