Collection of dreams: Kunstmuseum Basel

“Basel” and “art” are hardly separable, as the city is home to the most prestigious art fair in the whole world. Today’s post is about Kunstmuseum Basel, of course one of the most renowned collections worldwide and also historically the first art museum that was open to European public. The museum to me is not only my favorite place in Basel, but the most beautiful/inspiring museum I’ve ever been to, I reckon. I’ve rarely seen art set in such a clean and well-designed space. Even if it wouldn’t be some of the most important pieces in art history that are presented here, I’m convinced the crappiest work would look spectacular in the halls of Kunstmuseum Basel.

Contrary to other galleries the post 1960 collection was not my favorite. They had a couple of Beuys, inspiring photography by Andreas Gursky and even one of Warhol’s flowers. But what fascinated me more were the early 20th century pieces like Mondrian, Henri Rousseau or Picasso.

It is so rare to find so many important, art history changing pieces in one place. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked from one room into another. Kunstmuseum Basel truly is a treasury. Even though my interest in religious pieces from the Middle Ages is limited for example, I was carried away by the beauty of the precious and well-preserved paintings. There was a special exhibition about Cézanne when I was there, but as we all know it’s never possible to see it all. That’s the thing with world class museums, never to be done in one day. Nevertheless, it should be on every art lover’s bucket list and for me, I’ll definitely come back – preferably for the fair. 🙂


Baboon and Young, Picasso


Jungle with Setting Sun, Henri Rousseau


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