Old meets new in Wrocław, Poland

One thing I learned on the other side of the world is, that it’s not only the far destinations, 7 world wonders or instagram hot spots worth aiming for. Traveling starts by exploring your hometown. Turns out there are loads of places in Eastern Germany and neighboring Poland and Czech Republic that I haven’t been to yet.

Wroclaw to me is a more manageable version of Krakow. The old town around the stunning market square (Rynek) looks very much alike and also in terms of history (especially german-polish) the city sure has its significance. I hope I’ll be able to visit Warsaw anytime soon to draw an objective comparison.


In 2016, the city was ranked European Capital of Culture, due to all the artsy places and events happening. I loved how the grand churches and narrow allies of the old town coexisted so well with colorful hipster cafés, open restaurants and galleries. Even though it’s one of Poland’s biggest cities, Wroclaw never showed a glimpse of its urban self.


Wroclaw is about details. There’s not really a typical tourist itinerary one feels to cross off. My personal favorite findings were the Ossolineum (library), the University of Wroclaw and obviously the market square.


What’s it about those garden gnomes? You’ll find over 300 of them all over the place eating ice cream, as firemen, musicians… Apart from from being funny and cute, these little guys are a symbol of the Orange Alternative, a dissident group from the Communist era.


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