Enjoy Cebu

I just realized how little remembrances such as photos/memos/notes I have from Cebu compared to other places I went. It might sound super off-hook, but Cebu to me was just another paradise with loads of tourists on the way as it is together with El Nido the main destination. When you spend a lot of time in a country that’s got dreamy beaches, hidden waterfalls and palm forests around every corner basically, places like that drive you crazy kind of. On the other hand: have you actually been to the Philippines with out visiting Kawasan Falls, the one and only instagram spot?


I somehow regret I did haha. Don’t get me wrong, the falls are awesome, but the whole setting is kind of awkward and SO overpriced. I mean nobody really gets in there to swim, people rather stand outside waiting for their turn to get on the raft to get the picture. I was literally like: what am I doing here?! So we went “upstairs” to the little fall right above it and we were ALONE. It was so idyllic, the water perfectly blue and cool.


Within a couple of days we hitchhiked our way from the very south to the northern part of Cebu. We went swimming with whale sharks in Oslob, spent our nights at Chilli Bar in Moalboal and had some amazing dives underneath a swarm of sardines.


4 thoughts on “Enjoy Cebu

    1. Hey Jeanny, hahaha I’m not a survivor, everybody treated me very well and even if I had a hard time, Filipinos would move mountains to make me fell comfortable. πŸ™‚ I was not very fond of Cebu to be honest, but that’s because I didn’t take enough time to explore further than Moalboal, Cebu City and Oslob… Maybe next time haha πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading!!

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      1. I understand that. I’m glad you were having a good time there. I hope you’ll have the time tho. Cebu is for chilling. To feel relax with a little adventure. There’s more to it than the few towns you’ve visited.


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