Hohol in Bohol

Next stop was the green island of Bohol. People visit Bohol for two reasons: the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers. It is possible to rush through these two highlights and relax at a dreamy beach in Panglao at the same day. The island has everything a tourist could ask for. But I love Bohol for a lot more than that.

Bohol to me is a unique place that values the greatness of nature that was given to them. A place that is efficient and considerate. Visiting Bohol is witnessing one of the wonders of this world. It is driving an overcrowded local bus standing on a sack of rice (a hurting neck included). It is an unforgettable afternoon spent stand up paddling an untouched river. It is watching the probably cutest creatures on earth, well at least the ones with the biggest eyes.

After we took a look at Panglao and the beautiful beaches there – no doubt – we decided to leave early the next morning. There were so many more special places to come I thought, countless white sand beaches. Problems of a backpacker in the Philippines haha πŸ™‚ stay tuned for what happened next…


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