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Crush on Singapore

I am still speechless. Singapore is superlatives over and over. Gorgeous to a point that you question if this is real. Singapore is perfection.

After a six hours bus drive from KL we finally reached the lion city at late evening. It took forever to go through immigration and there was this Chinese couple in front of us eating durian chips all the way… To be honest, I finally started to embrace durian a few days later, but the smell is still really really bad nobody can deny that. Anyway. I was so excited for Singapore for the whole time. I mean what you hear and what you see is just too good to be true. So many art exhibits waiting for me. Singapore seemed like paradise to me. And as we entered the city all these emotions sort of exploded. There were these buildings, lights, bridges like I’ve never seen before.

Singapore is infinity pools on top of skyscrapers, random art sculptures on traffic islands, metro stations cleaner than a filipino hospital, late evening bicycle rides along the bay to marina bay gardens, branches for relaxation in the city center not only equipped with solar cells but with a fan as well. Singapore is a piece of art.

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