Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Now this was a great surprise. As I already advertised in the last post, this museum was one of the best ones I was ever able to visit. I am honestly so excited about it. I am personally very keen of islamic art – as you maybe remember from my love letters to the mosques in Brunei. This trip was the first time I really got in touch with the islamic world and I am so fascinated, I would take a flight to Teheran any second.

And the Islamic Arts Museum had everything. Firstly the building is stunning. It is this beautiful mix between tradition turquoise patterns and modern glass front. Every room has a differently pretty ceiling. There are collections of islamic architecture, ancient manuscripts and quran, jewellery, textiles, arms, interior and ceramics. They emphasized on south east asia and India of course, but also show pieces from all over the world. I was blown away by the architecture room. Traveling Central Europe you learn all about architecture of churches in different eras and of course there is the same in Islamic architecture. But in much bigger variety, as the religion is practiced in culturally different places and rather not distributed by colonialism. The jewellery and gowns were of this strange beauty to me – unforgettable.


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