Out and about in Kuala Lumpur

Whenever people ask me about Kuala Lumpur, I cannot help but laugh. I actually had the best time in KL! Not because the city is that extraordinary, but because of a very special couch surfing host, a bar that happened to have ladies night every night and a big dose of easiness.

Despite its size and population, KL is so easygoing and friendly, you would love it. I mean one would not expect it to be different since we are in Malaysia, but I was happy to see that this capital kept the countries mentality compared to other big cities that kind of evolved their own vibe. The main sights didn’t really knock my socks off so I didn’t concentrate on visiting each of them. Batu Caves were of course impressing. The space is huge and I really liked how the light fell into the room from above so that you could see a glimpse of the temples and worship places but the atmosphere stayed mysterious somehow. Other than that I just enjoyed to go random places and walk streets. For me it was so fascinating to have working public transport again hahaha, this was before I went to Singapore. The subway worked pretty well but somehow you still need a lot of time to get to your destination. I didn’t find the reason for it but that’s how it is. There are loads of highways you cannot cross as a pedestrian, to channel the traffic. And you shouldn’t: I almost got run over by a motorcycle that went full speed through traffic jam. Many times the heat is unbearable. The humidity that is typical for Malaysia in a big city with all those motorcycles and pollution is just too much. Either that or hours of rain could make you visit a museum. I already wrote about the Visual Art Gallery and next up will be an article of the Islamic Arts Museum. Especially the latter I can recommend 100%. One of the best museums I ever visited!!

One night we escaped the city to go to this river with thousands of fireflies every night. This trip turned into a real adventure including a three hour bus ride with an Indian driver who turned on his Indian music full volume. The boat ride itself was very magical though, something I’ll never forget. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the pictures!

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