Visual Arts Gallery, KL

Balai seni visual negara or the Visual Arts Gallery is Kuala Lumpur’s, ergo Malaysia’s, most important contemporary art gallery. Therefor a lot of people call it national gallery. I went there with out expectations. What I found was an extraordinary piece of architecture Γ  la Guggenheim NYC in the inside. It appeared to me that the Malaysian art scene is kind of young. A lot of pieces referred to native tales that I – even though they were explained in layman’s terms – could not follow. When I was there, a circulating exhibition of the young generation of southeast asian artists had arrived in KL. For me I really enjoyed how they picked up motives and topics of their everyday life, which is not special, rather natural. But since rice fields and vegetable markets had been my predominant surrounding for the last couple of months, I thought it was very nice. πŸ™‚

My favorite piece was probably the bed of fluorescent flowers, a little chamber with black curtain that I almost overlooked. An actual surprise moment.


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