Tea as far as the eye can see

“Let’s escape the heat and humidity and go up to Cameron Highlands”, we thought and did not regret. Only the bus ride up there was incredibly beautiful. There were huge chasms filled with green forests, exactly how I got to know and love Malaysia. The small town of Tanah Rata was of course not really a beauty. All in all I have to say it was not too special. I mean the tea plantations were amazing, they symmetrically go along the hills over a huge area, creating shadows on the small valleys. And when the sun is shining, every leaf is shiny too. What I did was to get a cup of tea and stroll through the plantations. Even though it was packed with people and I had to fall in line forever to get a drink, nobody seemed to actually go inside and hike one of the hills. So we were lucky to have the sea of green all to ourselves.

Apart from tea, people go crazy about strawberries or lavender they plant over there. As a german, even though I haven’t had strawberries in a long time, I cannot get excited about it. I mean they aren’t even sweet haha. Well but for our asian friends it is of course very special.

The days spent in Cameron were a good time. We made some new hitchhiking experiences like the first truck bed ever! I still remember how excited I was… Looking back it is kind of funny because in the end we basically only went with cars with a truck bed because it’s just the comfiest! Then we went with this van full of Malaysian students and they were just like young filipinos, I should’ve known better… They had to make a stop-over at one of the guy’s grandpa’s grave which was kind of awkward for us. Oh and we had this delicious nasi goreng nanas served in a pineapple on Easter sunday. That is quite something. At least we spent Easter in the green, even though we didn’t hide anything for each other.

And then it was time to take the last breaths of clean air, enjoy the cool weather and nice tea for the last time because we were off to the capital: Kuala Lumpur.

thumb_IMG_6818_1024thumb_IMG_6838_1024thumb_IMG_6859_1024thumb_IMG_6883_1024thumb_IMG_6905_1024thumb_IMG_6920_1024South east asia 101: If it’s about to rain and you didn’t bring an umbrella (as a good filipino I usually always bring one, since you use it when it’s sunny as well of course), grab a banana leaf to be prepared. This time we made it home before it started, thank god.thumb_IMG_6934_1024thumb_IMG_6940_1024thumb_IMG_6941_1024thumb_IMG_6951_1024thumb_IMG_6967_1024thumb_IMG_6979_1024thumb_IMG_7010_1024


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