Hin Bus Depot – safe heaven for street art

Once a bus terminal, this abandoned space is used as an art center nowadays. Penang itself is a collection of hundreds of pieces of street art and this center aims to support the new generation of local as well as international artists and channel their creativity. They started off with only one temporary solo exhibition of the Lithuanian Ernest Zacharevic, who is regarded as the Malaysian answer to Banksy.

By now they expanded with more galleries, artist studios, cafés and more. The whole place looks so cool, it is all fitted in the ruins. Their schedule of events is very busy from workshops, to music gigs, theater plays, fashion shows to parties. So if you are there, make sure to check if they have something coming up.

Otherwise just go and surprise yourself. When I was there, they had this fun project to randomly draw three terms and make an artwork with it. Mine were flower-scientist-gentrification. This was when I first heard about “hijabster” (a hipster wearing a hijab) haha. It was so fun to see what other people created, maybe even with the same words. Some of them very talented of course.

All in all I can really recommend to go to Hin Bus Depot. It has good vibes, incredible large-sized paintings and loads of global political, ecumenical content. To be honest, I could not imagine a better place than Penang to be home for an art space like this. In the small artist studios it is possible to meet the artists in person and watch them working. After strolling around saying “WOW” or laughing about some of the works, there is a nice restaurant with tasty fruit bowls and good coffee.


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