Georgetown, Penang

Here we are, at my favorite place of Malaysia! I’m in love with the colors, temples, street food and of course the artsy places. This city unites all religions basically, every second building is a church/mosque/temple. We ate until we fell from our chair in little India or had a late night chicken satay on the streets. Every night spent at Love Lane was so much fun plus the live bands were amazing. My personal highlight was the Kek Lok Si temple, even though the whole temple was a souvenir shop which kind of destroyed the vibes. But anyway, they have dozens of pink buddhas there, how stylish is that?! It has been quite some time since I’ve been to a city where walking through the streets is so exciting. Colonial houses have beautiful tiles in front of their doors and there are graffitis around every corner.

All in all our stay was good fun, I was really sad when we had to leave. On the other hand we had a memorable hitchhiking experience to go back to the mainland (Penang is an island). Georgetown is connected to Butterworth by a long bridge of several kilometers. It happened to be that a friend of ours volunteered in a hindu temple over there so we stopped by to visit her and of course we couldn’t excuse ourselves from a big portion of indian “finger food”. Too bad… haha! Our next stop was supposed to be Tanah Rata to explore the Cameron highlands, but we didn’t make it there by hitchhiking that day so we were stuck in Ipoh where there were no busses anymore. So we spontaneously stayed with a young muslim couple and their cute son. It is heartwarming how many nice people are out there, thanks again!


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