Langkawi Laziness

Arrived on the other end of the country it was time for sun, beach, coconuts and cocktails. Langkawi was the first stop of our trip and I’m glad it was. Once I met my travel buddy at Kuala Lumpur train station we took the night train up north, going to Thailand. Unfortunately this ride was completely different than I thought… I read that they have these nice sleeping compartments with beds and everything. But apparently these are not operating anymore since the start of this year, which is why we ended up in a regular train with other-worldly AC, lights on all night and a terribly annoying sound they played for every stop. When we arrived at 4 in the morning accordingly wasted.

Langkawi though waited for us with a generous helping of sun, white sand, nasi goreng and one of the most awesome couch surfing experiences. It’s a good thing that we did Langkawi right in the beginning, because compared of any to the islands in the Philippines it is just not as nice and so commercial. Like this it was just perfect. We spent the night at the place of this dutch guy and his indonesian wife. They have a street food restaurant here and a big space in a rather haunted house I’d say. He just covered the floor with blankets for everybody to crush there who passes by basically. The walls are filled with edding greetings of all the travelers from all around the world. When we arrived there were 10 people in total staying here. Two of them came to Langkawi by bicycle from France, another one was a fruitarian. Loads of interesting people to meet for sure.

One day we rented a car all together to explore the island. We drove up to the highest point even tough it was a bit cloudy, black beach and to some waterfalls. They say the color of black beach was the outcome of an ancient civil war between Land kingdom and the Underwater kingdom. The remaining time we spotted huge lizards on the streets or decided which malay street food place we would raid later. (I love the all you can eat places!) Other than that all we did was chill at the beach and eat, living the good life. Before everybody told me Langkawi is Malaysia’s party island so I geared myself up for some nice beach parties but dead boring… So we just took it easy – nothing’s wrong with that.


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