Let’s celebrate the sweetest mangos in the world!

It feels good to be back after all this time traveling. At least this is what I thought all morning on the way from Puerto Princesa to my small but mighty town in the Iloilo province. Completely exhausted like it’s usual these summer days, I arrived and opened the faucet to find: nothing, it figures! Oh well, at least nothing has changed ever since I left haha.

But no worries because I am just in time for the Manggahan 2017, an annual fiesta that is held in Guimaras, the island that is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world and by coincidence only a 10-minutes boat ride away from Iloilo city! I’m a huge fan and constantly browsing through our market to find some of those golden fruits. I have actually been looking forward to this event since December.

Now that the day is finally here, we were off to Jordan, where we took the Jeepney to San Miguel. The whole festival campus is not that big. They have the same things as usual: cheap clothes from China, sunglasses, selfie sticks, henna tattoos. I am so tired of that but I expected it so it was alright. Because on top of that there where of course all the vendors selling kilos of kilos of mango. You could actually buy mango in every shape and phase. There where loads of shakes, waffles and ice cream but also the famous mango pizza, that I’ve tried earlier this year already (read more about it here). For this special occasion though they didn’t hesitate to invent many more exciting dishes such as: nachos with mango, mango siomai or fried chicken with mango – I don’t judge anyone! But for me it was obvious that I had to give the famous mango-all-you-can-eat a go. It was 110 pesos (2,20€) for half an hour unlimited mangoes. Isn’t that like a dream? Eat as much of the the sweetest mangoes in the world as you want for the prize of one kilo? I haven’t actually dreamed about it but when I had my first bite it was very dreamy haha. In the end I ate 7 mangoes and left before my half an hour has ended. The beginner’s mistake that I made was not to eat anything before. I literally had the worst stomach cramps on the long jeepney rides back and for the whole evening… So no more mangoes for me in near future I guess, but what a unique experience!

The highlight is gonna be on Monday, when they have the eating contest. Apparently during the past years somebody ate 13kg and ended up at the hospital. I ate more or less 2kg so… Why the hell would you do that?!

It has been very quiet on here for the last few weeks since I have been traveling. Trust my I cannot wait to share my wonderful experiences. But first I gotta go through those thousands of pictures…


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