It is actually funny how I went to three places in China with out having set foot to mainland China. Macao is the third Special Administrative Region of China and just a boat ride away from Hong Kong. It used to be a Portuguese colony, which is why you find yourself in places that could just as well be in Lisbon. But then of course you have all these glamorous, shiny casinos – the main purpose of a visit. I read that they grow up a bigger turnover than Las Vegas, due to China’s newly wealthy. The Chinese seem to have a thing for gambling anyway. Whether it is Mah-Jongg or the races of course, so Macao must be paradise for them.

For me it really wasn’t, unfortunately. Many people recommended me to go and I read so many times how underrated Macao as a destination was. The historic inner-city is even rated as UNESCO world heritage, but it is not too special in my opinion. Of course I am used to this kind of architecture but even the colonial buildings we have in good old Iloilo City are more noteworthy than these I’d say. Anyway, the weather was not that good, it was freezing actually so there was no way to enjoy walking around really. I didn’t go to the casino either so all in all a rather disappointing visit. But I can imagine how people can have a good time here; when you are into gambling and all sorts of luxury lifestyle, you should enjoy πŸ™‚


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