Hong Kong

HK was just like I had pictured it to myself to be honest and it didn’t disappoint one bit. It was just as crowded, fast-paced, multicultural as supposed plus big finance and huge bowls of noodles on top. The night markets were louder than in Taipei, with lots of singers on the street who drowned each other; the buildings higher. Everything is enormous: the harbor or normal apartment buildings, I have no idea how any of that can work/who is able to overlook all that craziness. Imagine how big the collection of mailboxes of all the people who live in such a skyscraper must be. Several rooms probably… And what if there is no electricity? How do people even get to their apartment with out an elevator? Well, so many things I don’t understand but the fact is, that it works. The infrastructure is able to move this big amount of people around smoothly. The speed of the daily life is high though. Nobody’s got time to stand still really. So different from the Philippines haha But in between the rush there is still time to visit a temple in the garden of skyscrapers. Speaking of gardens, what surprised me was that they try to keep the city green. Of course it is situated among a couple of green peaks, but they also have the big Kowloon and Hong Kong park and a lot of small gardens on skyscraper rooftops. I expected HK to have a lot of smog but actually the foggy air you see on pictures is rather mist than smog. Something that occurred to me instantly is how expensive this city is. I later read that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world but I didn’t expect it to be that bad. There are some nice things to do for free but to enjoy Hong Kong’s shopping and dining paradise is a costly affair. There’s nothing there is not – that I have learned.


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