Sun moon lake

At first I assessed the photos of sun moon lake to be fake, lavishly edited. A lake can’t have that very color. Apparently it does. Sun moon lake got its name because it’s got the shape of the two Chinese ideographs for sun and moon from above. As soon as the sun comes out, the water appears in that beautiful shade I already talked about. Situated in the middle of mountains, the whole place feels so quaint. With a taiwanese oolong milk tea in the hand and my beloved guava sun moon lake was just perfect.

Yuchi (the town of the waterfront) definitely is a popular tourist destination even though we again almost exclusively met only domestic travelers. I would absolutely recommend to rent bicycles! The way is very easy and even. (Chinese people still took e-bikes though, obviously) I liked that way of exploring even better than the boat cruise. We also went on the ropeway that takes you up on the hill and directly back down unless you want to visit some traditional village. The view was amazing on the way up. The turquoise water looked just perfect so I decided to take pictures on our way down when the window of the gondola will be on the “correct” side. Well, literally 3 minutes later on the way down, the sky clouded up completely. Oh I was so angry…




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