Taroko Gorge

First up: Taroko national park. Meanwhile equipped with down jacket and beanie, we set foot in the enormous national park expecting a long day of trekking ahead. The trails turned out to be 2k long maximum though. By early afternoon we’ve been to almost every trail there is. Unbelievable 😀 Looking at the other visitors we could easily explain why. The Chinese don’t seem to be a trekking nation. All of them arrived via tour bus, dropping them of at the start of a trail. They then walked slow-paced with their walking sticks, taking selfies every few meters or even taking a nap on a bench; so funny to watch. Us on the other hand, with out a tour bus, had to go along the street and through tunnels to get from trail to trail. The distance should not be underestimated though. We eventually had to “hitch hike” for a bit haha. Communication in Taiwan is not to easy though. Only quite a few people speak English and simple questions about directions are difficult too as you ALWAYS mispronounce places.

The best thing about Taroko was the fact that we were alone in these mountains. The canyon-like rocks as well as the turquoise water in between are immensely beautiful. Just like the hidden temples up on the rocks which appear even more powerful with that panorama around. The famous bridge in Taroko Gorge was only accessible after paying though. But that’s the only thing to criticize!


This plantation of our airbnb hosts, we first identified to be cactus pear trees, turned out to be dragon fruit plants! Huge throwback to the good days in Bali, when I enjoyed the deep purple fruits every single day.

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