Guimaras getaway

Our green paradise just a 10 minutes boat ride away. Guimaras really is the kind of escape you need once in a while. There is almost nothing there except untouched nature. This comparatively small island is the main mango producer in the Philippines. Filipinos and foreigners agree that they have the sweetest mangoes of the world here. Reportedly they are served in The White House and Buckingham Palace. πŸ˜› I’m a huge fan but it is not season yet so they are quite expensive atm… I couldn’t resist to try the famous mango pizza though. πŸ™‚ In May they will have the Manggahan Festival to celebrate their mangos. Among others there will be a mango all you can eat! So looking forward to that.

My german sending organization decided to have our in-between-seminar here and I decided to stay one weekend longer. It wasn’t the last time I’d say.

Guimaras is walking a wobbly bridge through the mangrove forest while the sun goes down or a swift ride on the roof of a jeepney. Guimaras is exploring lonely waterfalls and beaches. Guimaras is cliff diving. Guimaras is sailing to a deserted island with fresh food you just bought on the market. Then marinate the vegetables and meat in a plastic bag before grilling it over a fireplace made of coconut shells, to finally eat all of that delicious food with your hands from a banana leaf.


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