Boracay for New Years

Less crowded than expected, to be done in a few days, perfect for NYE & a very lovely spot of land.
must do:  White Beach, even though insanely crowded (station 1 is the calmest). The sand is so finely ground that it somehow feels like stone when you lie down. Sunset her is above beautiful
watch: kitesurfer at Bolabog beach
relax: Puka beach = paradise with cute little beach bars and gentle turquoise waves
go out: “Area 51” open air club with good music and loads of locals
place to be: “The exit” where backpacker of every age and origin meet filipinos. You’re gonna end up here anyway…
chill out: bamboo beach bar at the very end of station 1, run by a guy named Rey and his family. An oasis between the high-end resorts. Come in the evening to choose from the catch of the day. (If you are sick of sea food already, buy some veggies at the market and put them on the barbecue over there) Or sit a bit longer and let the tide come and get you


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