Sumbawa-Komodo island hopping

I spent 4 days on that boat. We slept on deck, ate from a giant bucket of rice, went to bed under the most amazing starry sky I’ve ever seen and woke up when the sun rised and colored the sky in deep red. During the day we stopped to explore deserted islands. A bunch of dolphins would follow our boat sometimes.img_7799img_7800img_7801img_7802img_7803img_7804img_7805img_7806On day 3 we finally reached the Komodo islands near the coast of Flores. I came all the way to see the scary Komodo dragons that only live here. There are about 2,500 of them left. They live on 4 small islands, but you can only visit Komodo and Rinja. Komodo is the driest place ever. It was so hot I could barely exist 🙂 We went with two rangers who had sticks with them for protection in case they attack. I decided to take the longest trek, 2 hours, but they told us we might not see a single one. Well after two minutes there was a rustling in the shrubbery next to us. The 3m-dragon came up to us slowly. I can’t really describe them, they look like the last dinosaurs on earth but they are so incredibly ugly, it shudders me when I even think about it. They have this very long tongue, which they stick out constantly because they smell with it. On their tongue are 8 poisons that could kill a human as well. Their victims don’t die immediately after the bite though. They stay alive for one or two more days until they suddenly fall over. Because of the komodo’s good sense of smell they can easily find them. They are not fast though. So whenever a komodo would attack you it’s a good idea to run or to climb a tree (they are too fat). This is why the baby komodos hide in trees for the first two years of their life. Komodo dragons are cannibals 🙂 

So yes komodos are the most disgusting creatures I’ve ever met I’d say. We saw 6 in total; more than enough 😀 To finish the trip off we went to pink beach, which is part of the national park. The beach is pink because of small, washed up remains of red corals. The sand was so soft it was quite a dream, I mean the whole place was with the turquoise water and corals. It was the best snorkeling spot I’ve been to on this trip I think. Yes, I’m quite fond as you hear. I would come back anytime 😛img_7807img_7808img_7809img_7810img_7811img_7812IMG_7369.jpg

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