Flores was the part of my travels that I was looking forward most to. It is not that I read a lot about the big green island next to Komodo, I barely knew anything about it. People kept telling me “wow, you’re going to Flores! It’s like Bali 15 years ago”. The plan was to take things as they come and travel from one end to the other in about 6 days. Well I had less than 3… Labuan Bajo, the seaport, is not exactly nice. They have some amazing diving spots over there, one of the best in the world, but I had a cold so I couldn’t go. We spent our nights at Paradise bar, the place to be basically. Even though there’s nothing really there yet, especially the diving tourism grows enormously. At some point, I got used to the fact that instead of street signs they had tsunami evacuation routes marked on every corner.

To get the most out of the limited time I had, I went on a road trip over the shitty “streets” up and down the hills. We spent the night at a traditional village. It was discovered in 1998 by a Japanese tourist who randomly ended up in front of their door. Today it’s possible to spend the night in one of their tents. You can only reach the village by a 3 hour walk up a mountain. All in all it was an interesting experience, out of this world, really… On the way we had a look at the famous spiderweb rice fields. I was amazed by Flores, even though I mostly experienced it through the window. It’s so green and quaint. Only when I talked to people from here, i realized how pushing people from Bali are and how I didn’t like it. Strangers would lavish fruits on me with out wanting anything in return. Everytime we passed children, they would scream and we highfived everyone of them. Regarding the atmosphere I liked Flores the most from all the places I visited. What a pity that I had the least time for it.img_7813img_7814img_7815img_7816img_7817img_7818img_7819img_7820img_7821img_7822img_7823img_7824img_7825img_7831img_7832img_7833img_7826img_7827img_7828img_7829Processed with VSCO with m5 presetimg_7834img_7835img_7836img_7837img_7838img_7839img_7840img_7841

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