Welcome to Bali

When I got on the ferry that should bring me to Bali I had the biggest smile on my face. This was the place I came for all the way. I wanted to come here for ages, have read everything about it. I imagined it the most beautiful place on earth… – that’s what it once was I suppose. It was probably because my expectations were too high in the first place, but I didn’t really like it. I mean they have 10,000 temples there and every second building is a temple or at least a fraction. And they definitely live their hinduism. You can find and smell the small offerings everywhere on the streets. I don’t believe they simulate for the tourists. But there is almost nothing left of the laid back surf villages in the south. Where once adventurous Australians spent half the year in bungalows at the beach, there are luxurious resorts and malls now. It felt like Côte d’Azur. Sometimes you even had to pay to go to the beach. People told me later that if you want to feel the original spirit of Bali you’ve got to go to the north. So go for Permuteran, Amed and the area! 🙂

Ulu Watu: temple right on the cliff of one of the most famous surfing spots with spectacular sunsets on top, you’ve gotta watch out for the monkeys though – Seminyak: cutest cafés to, again, watch an amazing sunset – Canggu: a relaxed place for surfing where a lot of foreigners have their villas, surrounding the rice fields in the center of the city – Sanur: a more quit place, which I therefor liked better – Nusa Lembongan: a small island right next to Bukit with beautiful turquoise bays with algae plantations and a place called dream beach where the gory waves don’t allow you to swim so you just watch it relaxing in the infinity pool above


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