Ubud & central Bali

Ubud – the beating heart of Bali. That’s what it felt like to me with all the little studios of painters, carvers or musicians. Contrary to the south you can explore a lot for free, such as the saraswati temple (lotus temple), ubud palace or the rice fields next door. It is much more quit, you basically only hear some panpipes. Unless you’re in the monkey forest and coincidently have some bananas with you. Unfortunately I was sick during my stay in Ubud. I probably I got the food intoxication at the fish market in Jimbaran… But luckily I was in Ubud, the most healthy place ever. Heaps of people come here every year to improve their yoga skills, taste vegan food and ayurveda. Although I am not really into trends like I went to the famous place „Sari organik“ and let some guru tell me what to eat. You should check it out, it is actually really nice and everything’s organic. Well if it really was the green cleanser juice with broccoli or my medication, I’m not sure but my fever stopped 🙂

When I was in good form again, I jumped on the bus to visit some places in central Bali. First the oldest and most considerable temple gunung kawi. I came early in the morning to find it completely empty and an amazing morning light. They have that everywhere here during the early morning hours. But I was never really able to capture it in the photos, so imagine all of it 1000 times prettier 😉 Anyway, it was a very spiritual experience that morning alone in the ancient temple, where it all began. When I went on to Tirta empul, the holy spring temple, I realized why nobody was there. They where having a full moon celebration that they and everybody met there to bring huge offerings and attend the ceremony. I felt kind of awkward as I didn’t know if I was allowed to be there, but it was just too interesting to watch. Tirta empul is also one of the few places where non-hindus can have the holy washing as well. Every fountain is dedicated to a different god. In the first pool you redeem yourself from sins, sorrows etc. In the second one you collect good „vibes“, luck and similar for the future. 

To end my stay off I went to see pura ulun danu beratan, which was smaller than expected. The Jatiluwih rice terraces exceeded all my expectations though. I must say I really like everything ranked in UNESCO so far. But pictures and words can’t describe all the nuances of green shining bright in the sun. Jatiluwih is the place where they invented the technique of the terraces, where the water runs from one floor to the other.

img_7671img_7703img_7701img_7689img_7674img_7670img_7675img_7676img_7678img_7686img_7699img_7684Processed with VSCO with m5 presetimg_7697img_7690img_7693img_7704img_7685img_7682img_7687img_7681img_7698img_7692img_7688img_7680img_7683img_7696img_7691img_7700img_7694img_7702img_7672img_7677img_7673

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