To put it in YSL’s words: fashions fade – style is eternal. Trends are dependent on zeitgeist and hugely fugitive. Allure appears only briefly in an immaterial combination of elegance, gracefulness and movement. It is intangible, indescribable and unattainable, yet it is the timeless essence that radiates from deep within. It lies somewhere in between coolness and naturalness, staging and authenticity. However, should one wish to grasp it, it seems to dissolve. But for all that photographers take on this challenge anew.

C/O Berlin showed the private collection of Susanne von Meiss with works by Richard Avedon or Diane Arbus among others. Some of them capturing the phenomenon spontaneously, other times as a visual composition. Our favourite icons Audrey and Grace are not missing of course…img_6664img_6663img_6662img_6661img_6665img_6660img_6659img_6658Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_6656

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