error: X is the motto of this year’s Ostrale, an annual exhibition of international modern art in my hometown Dresden. Since this is a rare thing in Eastern Germany, I think somebody called the Ostrale the “Documenta of the East”, I got into the habit of going every year. They show recognized as well as new artists’ pieces of all art forms. Because of their different origins (refugees included), the collection is very internationally oriented concerning european politics for example. From my perspective they had lots of end-of-the-world-scenarios and scary utopia in the past years. Even though climate change, globalization etc. somehow bother every artist, the Ostrale kept extraordinary crazy pieces like atomic cloud landscapes. This year they addressed the tensions between the islamic and the western world, the fight for world dominance that leads to migration of tons of people which again leads to questioning today’s values, in detail. What really is the fault, the error:x in our system, is well-said by Peter Puype: “Democracy for the West / Violence for the rest”. While looking for an alternative to our current entity we ignore the consequences of our consumption and values.

Starting from “Papa Putin”, over a huge cactus bouncer castle to tiny stuffed animals getting injections, this year’s collection had everything to offer. As usual located in the former slaughterhouse compound which is under memorial protection. The empty haylofts and stables happen to be the perfect surrounding of colorful, political art.

This is a collection of my favourite pieces. Even though I am only certain about the Warhol-inspired print to have somehow understood the meaning.


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