Koblenz for the weekend

Last weekend, we ended up in Koblenz for no reason really. I haven’t been to western Germany very often and it was my first time in Rheinland-Pfalz, which is known for their many castles. Indeed they have quite a few, basically every small village along the Rhein has its castle, some of them consist out of it. So all you’ve got to do is jump on a boat and enjoy what you see along the waterfront. Where the Mosel flows in the Rhein is the so-called Deutsche Eck which is listed at UNESCO as well as the Mittelrhein area. It seems as if this place has been important for a long time, since emperor Wilhelm I. decided to build himself a monument right there.IMG_6408IMG_6411IMG_6412IMG_6413IMG_6409IMG_6385IMG_6382IMG_6414IMG_6402IMG_6406IMG_6401IMG_6400IMG_6390IMG_6393IMG_6394IMG_6392IMG_6386My personal highlight most definitely was Schloss Stolzenfels. With all the hidden details and colorful flowers, Stolzenfels seems as glamorous today as it has then. Unfortunately, I could not take photos inside to capture the beautiful middle age tapestries or ceiling paintings. Out of love for queen Elizabeth the interior is all english renaissance, including some it-pieces like a massive dresser entirely made of shiny ebony.IMG_6407IMG_6404IMG_6403IMG_6405IMG_6399IMG_6398IMG_6397IMG_6396IMG_6395IMG_6391On the way back we did a little stop-over at the Schönburg in Oberwesel. It has got the most beautiful hotel in it, which preserves medieval charm, to the delight of asian guests in particular. Oberwesel is next to the Loreley, the jumping-off point of the essentially German mythology. According to legend, the mermaid Loreley was sitting on the rocks and distracted passing shipmasters with her beauty so that they could not concentrate on strong currents and capsized. That was the third world heritage. We’ve spend successful two days I’d say.IMG_6410


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