La Réunion #4: Exploring the East

Whereas the west coast is blessed with beautiful lagoons of silent coral reefs, the waves that arrive at the east coast tear against the cliffs like there’s no tomorrow. Eastern Réunion really is the more adventurous part of the island. Every scarp spits plenty waterfalls. Réunion thankfully is a very water-rich island, but especially in the eastern rain forest the water sets the region in motion. I took these photos during a trekking tour through Cirque de Salazie and Fôret de Belouve, which unintentionally turned into a 7 hour tour, because we wandered from the path. We started in the rain forest and suddenly we stood in conifer forest with some wild orchids in between – to emphasize how quickly the landscape changes again. These are the last panorama/landscape/trekking photos, I promise!IMG_5846IMG_5847IMG_6044IMG_6046IMG_6047IMG_6043IMG_6054IMG_6056IMG_6063IMG_6064IMG_6053IMG_6075IMG_6067IMG_6076IMG_6077IMG_6066IMG_6097IMG_6065IMG_6073IMG_6074IMG_6085IMG_6086Cap noir probably was the most fascinating tour we did. It only took one and a half our and you have an amazing view on the hollow.IMG_6045IMG_6055IMG_6057IMG_6084IMG_6083IMG_6093IMG_6087IMG_6096IMG_6094Réunion’s spectacular lookout: Piton Maïdo. But again the fog thwart our plans. But this time it was interesting to watch it move in the wind. Contrary to the thick fog that sticked to the mountaintops, the dust in the hollow constantly soared up. So I just waited a minute or two and my view was clear.IMG_6105IMG_6104IMG_6107IMG_6106IMG_6103


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