Storefronts of Basel

The Swiss know how to do it. How to life in style and how to surround themselves with beauty, art and good food. Switzerland never looked better, I thought when I visited Zürich on a perfectly blue skied summer day last year. Once in Zürich, it was soon obvious why this city is one of […]

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Old meets new in Wrocław, Poland

One thing I learned on the other side of the world is, that it’s not only the far destinations, 7 world wonders or instagram hot spots worth aiming for. Traveling starts by exploring your hometown. Turns out there are loads of places in Eastern Germany and neighboring Poland and Czech Republic that I haven’t been […]

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Filipina for one year

Dear Philippines, where should I start? It’s been a rough and bumpy year for the two of us. A whole lot of new experiences, heat, realizations about this world, cockroaches, rice, conversations and bliss. When I tell people I went to live in the Philippines for one year, they associate dreamy beaches, nice weather and […]

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Palawan dreaming

They say: best leave on a high note. Every good thing is coming to an end at some point and so was our trip. Even though we were in the middle of experiencing all this craziness every day we were aware that it was unreal. Too nerve-jangling to go on forever, too overwhelming to still […]

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Enjoy Cebu

I just realized how little remembrances such as photos/memos/notes I have from Cebu compared to other places I went. It might sound super off-hook, but Cebu to me was just another paradise with loads of tourists on the way as it is together with El Nido the main destination. When you spend a lot of […]

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(Apo) island life

Welcome to Apo Island, one of THE diving paradises and what I didn’t know: the only sustainable place the Philippines have to offer. Apo Island is located just off the southern tip of Negros. Even though it’s not too far off Apo Island feels like a different planet compared to the busy university town of […]

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Hohol in Bohol

Next stop was the green island of Bohol. People visit Bohol for two reasons: the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers. It is possible to rush through these two highlights and relax at a dreamy beach in Panglao at the same day. The island has everything a tourist could ask for. But I love Bohol for […]

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